• AIOps allows ADEM to assist clients in automating difficult IT and network operations centre tasks while boosting output and decreasing mean time to resolution.
  • Starting with the Prisma SD-WAN Command Center, Palo Alto Networks is launching three new SD-WAN advancements.

Recently, Palo Alto Networks Inc. unveiled enhancements to its single-vendor secure access service edge (SASE) solution, which includes additional features to secure the “Internet of Things (IoT)” and incorporate AI-powered capabilities to automate branch management.

Through the natively integrated AIOps, the upgrades to Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE are intended to help organizations automate their increasingly complex information technology and network operations center duties. Customers of Prisma SASE acquire end-to-end observability across their networks thanks to what Palo Alto calls Autonomous Digital Experience Management.

AIOps allows ADEM to assist customers in automating complex IT and network operations center tasks while boosting output and decreasing mean time to resolution. ADEM does not require the deployment of any additional appliances or agents because it is integrated into Prisma SASE.

AI-based problem identification and predictive analytics are two advantages of AIOps for ADEM that enable proactive resolution of issues that might result in service disruption. With these capabilities, users can immediately identify network abnormalities from a single dashboard and isolate issues using an intuitive query interface.

New Palo Alto Networks SD-WAN technologies expand zero trust to the “Branch of the Future” with digitized SASE that converges software-defined wide-area networks with a cloud-delivered SSE. The improvement is rumored to aid firms in simplifying management, obtaining consistent visibility, and leveraging AI and machine learning to make wiser decisions.

Palo Alto Networks is launching three SD-WAN advancements, beginning with the Prisma SD-WAN Command Center. The Command Center offers AI-powered and segment-specific insights and continuous network and application monitoring for proactive problem resolution at the branch level. With the Command Center dashboard, IT gains visibility into the experience and health of organization-wide applications, allowing for quicker root cause study.

Prisma SD-WAN with integrated IoT security enables current Prisma SD-WAN devices to assist in securing IoT devices. This makes it possible to recognize and identify branch IoT devices accurately. Customers can configure strong security controls for Prisma SASE from the familiar cloud administration interface.

On-Premises Controller for Prisma SD-WAN enables customers to fulfill industry-specific security compliance standards and is compatible with both on-premises and cloud controller installations. Clients may now implement Prisma SD-WAN utilizing the cloud-management interface, on-premises controllers, or both in a hybrid configuration.

With agent-based proxy support and phishing detection, Cloud SWG facilitates the migration of proxy-based infrastructures to a SASE-based Cloud Secure Web Gateway. Palo Alto offers agent-based explicit proxy support with Prisma Access to allow such clients to benefit from enhanced cloud-delivered security without needing networking modifications, allowing even the coexistence with third-party virtual private network agents.

Prisma Access Cloud SWG utilizes Palo Alto’s sophisticated URL filtering to avoid unknown and extremely elusive “man-in-the-middle” and software-as-a-service platform phishing attacks. With its AI- and machine learning-powered detections, Prisma Access Cloud SWG is said to stay ahead of threat actors to safeguard consumers.

Kumar Ramachandran, Sr. Vice President for Products for SASE, said, “With so many organizations adopting SASE, it is important to understand that to reap the full benefits, they need to move toward a single-vendor SASE approach. A mix-and-match approach increases complexity and makes it challenging to be proactive or isolate issues. With an integrated Prisma SASE, organizations can harness the power of AI across networking and security to enable a great user experience.”

With the exception of the Prisma SD-WAN Command Center, the new features will be accessible by May.