Palo Alto Networks introduced new features for its Prisma Cloud security platform. Palo Alto is now integrating Aporeto’s machine identity-based microsegmentation technology for Prisma Cloud’s latest features. It acquired Aporeto last year. Other features include identity and access management and data loss prevention.

Taking the help of Palo Alto’s Prisma Cloud, it is possible to connect offices and mobile users to the cloud securely; it will allow SaaS adoption with a cloud access security broker and also level-up security across multi-cloud deployments.

In a statement, the company said, “With the integration of Aporeto, Palo Alto is bringing identity-based microsegmentation into Prisma Cloud. The technology will provide visibility of network communications along with security policy control and management.”

The focus areas in the list of Palo Alto include securing the cloud and the enterprise, and providing security sourcing from the AI-powered platform Cortex. In the last two years, the company has worked on building cloud security capabilities with the acquisition of cloud security start-up RedLock,, and Aporeto.

“Enterprises are adopting cloud native architectures, including containers and serverless, and embracing methodologies like DevOps to increase release velocity and achieve greater scale,” said Doug Cahill, Senior Security Analyst and Group Practice Director for Enterprise Strategy Group. “This presents a requirement for security teams to integrate security across the full application lifecycle and deliver security through a platform-centric approach as markets converge. The innovation with Prisma Cloud 2.0 speaks to this approach.”