• The companies stated that the mean time to remediation is greatly decreased with Orca’s Vertex AI integration.
  • With this integration, users can use a console to follow instructions or copy and paste code into a command line interface or infrastructure-providing tools.

The Vertex AI platform from Google Cloud will now be integrated with Orca Security Ltd., a cloud cybersecurity startup, to improve security outcomes through enhanced risk remediation and automated code generation.

The integration is a part of Orca and Google LLC’s broader partnership, which aims to give organizations an intelligent security assistant that can quickly produce remediation code for identified risks. Lower skill requirements for the assistant also increase productivity and enable security experts to swiftly and effectively secure cloud assets at scale.

According to Orca, the recently broadened range of AI engines gives users the freedom to select an engine that best suits their particular security requirements while maximizing the precision and worth of the outcomes.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Orca Security, Gil Geron, said, “With the industry facing a serious cybersecurity skills shortage, partnering with Google Cloud was a natural step forward in enhancing Orca’s code generation capabilities to reduce the specialized skills required for effective cloud security. Our enhanced risk remediation helps security teams reduce workloads, burnout and turnover while at the same time significantly improving cloud security postures.”

Launched in May 2021, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform streamlines the machine learning lifecycle, allowing data scientists and developers to create custom machine learning models with little to no coding. The companies claimed that the mean time to remediation is greatly decreased with Orca’s Vertex AI integration and that security practitioners can now create remediation instructions for every security alert. In addition, users can use console instructions or copy and paste code directly into a command line interface or Infrastructure as Code provisioning tools.

Orca’s current relationship with Google Cloud, which includes integrations with Google Workspace and a number of Google Cloud security products, such as Security Command Center, VirusTotal, and Chronicle, is strengthened by the Vertex AI integration.

Global Head of security partnerships at Google Cloud, Vineet Bhan, said ahead of the announcement, “Cybersecurity remains a critical component of every enterprise’s digital transformation strategy. By utilizing Vertex AI, Orca will power new capabilities that can improve cybersecurity posture and help businesses better protect their organizations.”