To help companies prevent cloud breaches, Open Raven is expanding its data security platforms by raising about USD 15 million in Series A funding.

Existing investors like Upfront Ventures, also participated in the Series A funding round, led by Kleiner Perkins. The company’s total financing was raised to about USD 19.1 million after receiving additional funding.

The new capital gathered will contribute to the expansion of key functions like engineering, customer support, sales and marketing, said the Los Angeles-based start-up.

Adding to this, Bucky Moore, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, will join Open Raven’s board.

Open Raven said its data management application provides real-time tracking of data leakage to expose issues with cloud data access before they become security issues. The software detects at-risk data, locates missing data, and shows each AWS account and asset in a global 3D map to help management teams to identify and avoid data breakdowns and ensure compliance.

“The transition to the cloud and out of physical data centers means that data stores change more quickly than ever before – leaving numerous unanswered questions,” Open Raven Co-founder and CEO Dave Cole said in a statement. “Security and cloud infrastructure teams are wondering, ‘what AWS accounts don’t we know about?’ ‘Is there any data at risk right now?’ ‘Is our PII where we expect it to be?’ Answering these fundamental questions can be painstaking. We’re giving organizations the ability to take charge of their data and explore their environments from any angle in order to truly understand their risk of cloud data breaches.”

Open Raven said a preview version of the platform had been deployed at several global organizations, including those in the automotive, gaming, financial technology, and software industries, since its application emerged from stealth in February. Security executives at those organizations, Open Raven said, helped the organization tailor the app to suit their data security needs.