• Nightfall AI contends that traditional data security solutions are inadequate due to their complexity, intrusiveness, and lack of alignment with the needs of modern enterprises.
  • Nightfall AI’s DLP offers multiple inline action options for email DLP, including scanning and attachment removal functionalities tailored for Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.

Nightfall AI, a startup specializing in cloud data protection, recently unveiled enhancements to its generative artificial intelligence-driven data loss prevention platform.

Nightfall AI’s DLP’s new features expand the service’s scope to encompass software-as-a-service security posture management, data encryption, data exfiltration prevention, and safeguarding sensitive data. Primarily, these updates are designed to tackle the escalating incidence of data breaches.

Nightfall AI contends that traditional data security solutions are inadequate due to their complexity, intrusiveness, and lack of alignment with the needs of modern enterprises. In today’s landscape, where data is routinely shared across numerous distributed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, these legacy solutions are ill-suited to address the evolving challenges effectively. Nightfall AI’s DLP solution harnesses generative AI to thwart data leaks while seamlessly integrating with contemporary workflows.

The latest features expand its service to offer analysis on SaaS security posture, as well as automated response functions for organizations to tackle security issues promptly. The features offer ongoing insight into important areas, like modifications to sharing and permissions settings, enabling quick adaptations to avoid discrepancies and uphold a safe SaaS environment. Engaging with end-users within the app can help companies establish a strong defense system, as stated by the company. This can lower the chances of human mistakes and boost security awareness.

Nightfall now provides client-side, content-aware encryption for SaaS applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce Inc., and Zendesk Inc. When using a browser plugin, employees have the ability to send emails with advanced protection features such as setting expiration dates and restricting forwarding. Security teams can establish strong administrative policies to guarantee compliance with both local and international regulations. These consist of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The release also enhances data exfiltration prevention.
Nightfall asserts that the product’s risk-based adaptive approach empowers security teams to continuously discover, monitor, and safeguard sensitive data. This proactive approach prevents unauthorized uploading, downloading, or sharing of sensitive data via email or removable media across SaaS applications and endpoints. In doing so, it supplants traditional rules-based legacy solutions.

The updates provide proactive SaaS and email monitoring along with AI-driven data protection measures for personally identifiable information, protected health information, secrets, and credentials to guarantee compliance with top industry frameworks. According to the company, security teams can utilize the service to monitor and control different aspects of data exposure and sharing within their environment. Actionable insights are provided to help businesses address sensitive data without needing to leave the console.

Nightfall AI’s DLP provides various inline action choices for email DLP, such as scanning and attachment removal features designed for Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, it automatically redacts sensitive data within AI prompts and educates users through custom alerts, fostering a culture of best practices for data sharing.

Before the announcement, Isaac Madan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, mentioned, “Nightfall’s industry-first GenAI detectors make the platform a smarter, more scalable way to protect sensitive data in the enterprise. With these new capabilities, companies can secure their data across every data plane, in real-time.”

Nightfall AI is a venture capital-backed startup, with its latest funding round being a USD 40 million Series B round in August 2022. The company’s investors include Bain Capital Ventures Partners LLC, Venrock Associates L.P., Pear Venture Partners LLC, and several individual investors, such as actor Paul Rudd from “Antman.”