• Voyager18 aims to help the cybersecurity industry by producing powerful, free insights and tools.
  • Vulcan Cyber has delivered free services for vulnerability management, security operations, and security analyst teams MITRE Mapper and VulnRX.

Vulcan Cyber Ltd, a software security startup, recently declared the launch of Voyager18, its new research team solely focused on vulnerability remediation intelligence and cyber risk mitigation.

Talking about Vulcan Cyber’s ability to manage risk mitigation across the whole vulnerability lifecycle, Voyager18 will furnish vulnerability intelligence as a service to the cyber industry and Vulcan Cyber customers. The Voyager18 team focuses on curating the best fixes, mitigation strategies, and remediation paths for thousands of vulnerabilities and common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Together with its launch, Vulcan Cyber has delivered free services for vulnerability management, security operations, and security analyst teams, MITRE Mapper and VulnRX. The two services are freely available for public use, and no registration is required; the services will also include enough of the Voyager18 team output.

VulnRX is argued to be the only free and curated database of vulnerability remediation intelligence. It incorporates fixes and workarounds greater than 4,000 vulnerabilities and CVEs. MITRE Mapper joins vulnerabilities to relevant MITRE ATT and amp;CK techniques and tips for effective and rapid remediation action.

Co-founder and chief executive of Vulcan Cyber, Yaniv Bar-Dayan, said, “Traditional vulnerability identification and prioritization isn’t enough to defend against modern threats. Tens of thousands of vulnerabilities, combined with rapidly shrinking remediation windows, make it close to impossible for cybersecurity teams to stay ahead of the crush and reduce vulnerability risk without help.”

Bar-Dayan added that the Voyager18 team and the MITRE Mapper and VulnRX services “provide vulnerability remediation intelligence to the cyber community” as part of a mission “to eliminate the gap between cybersecurity teams and their counterparts in IT, CloudOps and DevOps.”

Teams that currently use vulnerability prioritization or risk-based vulnerability management technologies, like Tenable Inc., Qualys VMDR, and Cisco Kenna VM, can leverage the free services to expand and accelerate vulnerability remediation by advancing collaboration across security and information technology teams.

Vulcan Security is a venture capital–backed startup that has closed USD 35 million to date, involving the round of March 2021 of USD 25 million and the other round of June 2019 worth USD 10 million. The investors are YL Ventures LLC, Wipro Ventures Ltd, Dawn Capital LLP, and Ten Eleven Ventures LLC.