• Named AWS Cyber Insurance Competency, the program features an enhanced experience with AWS Security Hub.
  • For an added layer of security, customers can receive expert guidance designed to strengthen their defenses.

At the recent re: Invent conference, Amazon Web Services Inc. introduced a program to help customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses, discover affordable insurance policies.

Known as the AWS Cyber Insurance Competency, this initiative introduces an enhanced and streamlined experience with the AWS Security Hub and partners working with AWS to simplify their assessment and onboarding process digitally. Additionally, customers adhering to AWS best practices for security posture are rewarded, akin to receiving “safe-driver” discounts.

Through the use of AWS Security Hub assessments, which compare customer data to the AWS Foundational Best Practices Framework, the program can provide insurance providers with results that include a cost estimate for coverage and proactive measures to reduce their rate. The model design aims to benefit customers who actively embrace security best practices with reduced rates.

Customers were provided with the necessary expert guidance to enhance their security. Advice includes helping to install a third-party security offering from the AWS Marketplace to protect their devices and turning on an AWS security service like Amazon GuardDuty to keep an eye out for unauthorized behavior and malicious activity.

Joanne Moore, Stephanie Rice, and Thierno Diallo from AWS wrote in a blog post, “For organizations with fewer resources, such as small and medium businesses, getting comprehensive cyber insurance can be challenging as they struggle to navigate different plans and coverage options, gather the information requested, and answer a myriad of questions. Businesses can also get lost in the pages of attestations and how they apply to their Amazon Web Services environments.”

The AWS Competency Program is introduced with five partners on board: At-Bay Cyber Insurance Inc., Measured Insurance Agency Inc., Cowbell Cyber Inc., Resilience Insurance Services Inc., and Marsh Cyber Cos. Inc.

Within the program, AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners provide complimentary security checkups and standard and customized cyber insurance policies to assist customers in a security incident. Through AWS Cyber Insurance Competency Partners, customers can access streamlined cyber insurance procedures with automated quoting and onboarding steps initiated by online service-based security scans.