• Mitiga’s IR2 platform offers specialized cloud incident response expertise and includes unlimited investigation support from their team of incident responders.
  • Mitiga claims to provide the sole comprehensive CIRA solution in the industry, streamlining and expediting cloud and SaaS breach investigations.

Cisco Investments, the investment arm of Cisco Systems Inc., recently invested strategically in Mitiga Security Inc., a provider of cloud incident response services, to support increased market adoption among businesses looking for cutting-edge security solutions for their cloud and software-as-a-service environments.

Established in 2019, Mitiga provides the IR2 platform designed for cloud and SaaS incident management. This platform conducts ongoing searches for emerging attacks using a specialized cloud attack scenario library, a dedicated database for cloud and SaaS multi-vector threat detection. By anticipatorily collecting, compiling, and examining forensic-level data, IR2 instantly responds to breach-related queries when one is identified.

In addition to having extensive knowledge of the specialized skills needed for cloud incident response, Mitiga’s IR2 platform is supported by a group of incident responders who offer customers unrestricted investigation support.

Tal Mozes, Chief Executive and Co-founder, said, “Incident response traditionally is something very reactive and only after something has happened do you call for help when you need it — and usually, you only call for help after something has become a breach. What we’re trying to do is to help completely reinvent incident response with only one goal in mind, which is how to help customers downsize the impact of the breach, because breaches are inevitable, but crises are avoidable.”

In June, Gartner identified the IR2 platform’s cloud investigation and response automation as “an emerging technology that forensically collects, analyzes, and applies analytics and machine learning on cloud and various forensic data sources.” According to Mitiga, its industry-exclusive, comprehensive CIRA solution streamlines and expedites cloud and SaaS breach investigations, giving cloud-driven businesses a new level of organizational and cyber resilience.

Mozes said in a statement, “Today, incident response needs to deliver faster response times, reduced investigation overhead and continuous attack detection. We look forward to working with Cisco to continue delivering modern solutions that help companies minimize the impact of inevitable cloud and SaaS-related breaches.”

The sum Cisco contributed to Mitiga was not made public. The business has already raised USD 45 million in capital. ClearSky Security Inc., Blackstone Inc., Samsung Next Corp., Atlantic Bridge Ventures LLC, and DNX Ventures LLC have all previously invested in the business.