Mimecast Limited, an international enterprise offering cloud-based email management solutions, recently broke the news of acquiring eTorch Inc. (d/b/a MessageControl). This company deals in messaging security and offers solutions built to stop social engineering and human identity attacks by leveraging the power of machine learning technology.

The acquisition deal will support and strengthen Mimecast’s Email Security 3.0 strategy that is built to enhance cybersecurity at the email perimeter, within the organization, and beyond the perimeter.

The promising collaboration between Mimecast and MessageControl is created to offer more reliable and robust protection to customers using productivity apps such as Microsoft 365 against sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks.

Additionally, the solution is developed to save the loss of sensitive and confidential data, and also serves as an additional sensor to further strengthen Mimecast’s threat intelligence.

How does it work?

Innovative and effective machine learning formula by MessageControl is engineered to bring forth the hidden risks of email communications by incorporating real-time warnings into anomalous emails that can help save phishing and impersonation attacks.

What does the collaboration offer?

The promising deal of onboarding MessageControl adds the following capabilities to the list.

Machine learning identification of anomalous behaviors

The graph technology developed by MessageControl is designed to inspect email attributes and content and apply machine learning to create a library of known and unknown patterns dedicated to an individual user. Engineered to grow smarter with time, the technology offers room to make real-time decisions based on over a billion-plus user behavior data points.

Contextual, real-time warnings in email

MessageControl offers employees the option to make clear and better choices with the help of more contextual, intelligent, and dynamic warnings to filter untrusted senders or content into emails.

Prevention against misaddressed email data leaks

Deploying the graph technology enables MessageControl to inform or warn employees before they accidentally share information to the wrong recipients by leveraging the historical math of sending patterns used to predict future anomalies.

The expert take

“The first half of 2020 has been unlike anything we’ve experienced before. It’s becoming increasingly clear that better innovation is required to protect against the latest weaponized and unweaponized attacks,” said Peter Bauer, Chief Executive Officer at Mimecast. “MessageControl is a natural complement to Mimecast’s suite of cyber resilience solutions – from email and web security through brand protection, security awareness training, and data protection. Its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will offer additional layers of defense by evolving and ‘learning’ the customer environment and user behaviors over time.  We believe this acquisition allows Mimecast to continue to evolve our Email Security 3.0 strategy and provide the best protection for productivity cloud applications like Microsoft 365.”

“Mimecast’s portfolio of solutions offers MessageControl the opportunity to expand its reach to protect even more organizations against the advanced threats plaguing the market today,” said Paul Everton, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, MessageControl. “We’re excited to join the Mimecast team as we continue on our mission to stop social engineering and human identity attacks.”

About Mimecast

Headquartered in London, Mimecast is an international organization that tirelessly works toward mitigating risks customers face from emails. Specializing in cloud-based email management for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, its services include archiving, security, and continuity services to safeguard business mail.

The company operates in 12 offices spread across the globe, with a workforce of over 1,800 employees.