DataPath, Inc. has collaborated with Five/I Enterprises LLC to spin-out DataPath’s cybersecurity business unit into a stand-alone company, MaxDefense LLC, to focus on more resources that would support its cybersecurity customers.

Expressing his views, David McDonald, CEO of DataPath, said, “This transition into a separate entity allows MaxDefense to grow, while also building on its 6 years past performance providing exceptional support for customers’ critical networks.”

David Ingram, CEO of MaxDefense LLC, added, “With the additional resources and more focused approach, we are able to bring our customers comprehensive cybersecurity managed services that incorporate a multi-layered security approach. Cybersecurity is an arms race. MaxDefense helps our customers protect their valuable data and business net worth by training employees and hardening the security of their networks.”

The current world of cybersecurity threats is highly dynamic and complex. Attack strategies and situations are continually evolving as companies face tremendous challenges to maintain sufficient resources and solutions to recognize and eradicate threats.

Some major companies find that running a cybersecurity team around the clock redirects resources from their core business. MaxDefense LLC helps its clients remain focused on their core business and retain the resources to counter cybersecurity challenges.