• The cloud native MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform is now available on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing VMs.
  • The idea of Google Cloud Confidential will help customers benefit from the public cloud’s cost, scalability, and performance.

MATRIXX Software, a worldwide leader in 5G monetization solutions, entered a partnership with Google Cloud to provide the cloud native MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing VMs (Virtual Machines) for the public cloud-based IT infrastructure.

The idea of Google Cloud Confidential VMs of delivering the MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform will help customers benefit from the public cloud’s cost, scalability, and performance. Also, it will offer a breakthrough in customer confidentiality for 4G/5G/fixed monetization of consumer and enterprise services.

The 5G standalone networks come with a revolutionary design that enables operators worldwide to use highly efficient public cloud resources for creating and deploying new goods and services at a rate that on-premise IT infrastructure cannot match. For ambition to look real, a cloud native digital commerce platform should be capable of efficient and cost-effective monetization.

More importantly, given the heightened scrutiny from regulatory agencies, cloud-scale efficiency and performance must be offered with a similar level of privacy and security as traditional, on-premise deployments. By putting MATRIXX Digital Commerce on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing service, the two firms now provide operators with a new approach to realize their public cloud goals while meeting national authorities’ encryption and secrecy requirements.

“By combining the flexibility and configurability of MATRIXX and the performance and privacy capabilities of Google Cloud, we get the best of both worlds – breakthrough confidentiality delivered by a highly configurable charging product, running securely on a massively scalable public cloud platform,” said Marc Price, CTO, MATRIXX Software. “The result is a solution that will allow operators to harness the customer experience benefits of the cloud while also meeting the exacting privacy demands of regulators and customers.”

Google Cloud Confidential Computing is the first telco-grade monetization platform deployed on MATRIXX that will help customers efficiently use public cloud IT infrastructure to quickly conceptualize, launch, scale, and monetize new service offerings. The MATRIXX 5G CCS, which runs on Google Cloud Confidential Computing, reinforces their combined commitment to client privacy by ensuring that customers’ most sensitive data in the cloud is fully encrypted, assuring end-to-end privacy. This latest MATRIXX Software implementation on Google Cloud Confidential Computing provides operators with the same or more outstanding performance than conventional on-premise solutions.

“As businesses increasingly deploy critical applications and data across both 5G and cloud, security and trust are becoming key considerations for operators and their customers alike,” said Leen Kashyap, Director, Edge and Connectivity Ecosystems at Google Cloud. “Delivering MATRIXX’s Digital Commerce Platform on Google Cloud’s Confidential Computing service will enable operators to maximize their security posture while running on global, scalable and trusted cloud infrastructure.”

As a Google Cloud Partner, MATRIXX is deployed natively on Google Cloud through the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). MATRIXX and Google Cloud engineers successfully confirmed the implementation of MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform in GKE operating on the Google Public Cloud with Confidential Computing for CSPs looking for an expanded security posture. Both the firms will continue to work closely together and innovate to better use Google Cloud’s cloud native, big data capabilities, and edge computing.