• The acquisition underlines Malwarebytes’ privacy commitment, granting users greater control over their online information and interactions.
  • The expertise and technology of the Cyrus team will contribute to enhancing Malwarebytes’ mobile privacy solutions.

Malwarebytes Inc., a cybersecurity software company, has revealed its acquisition of Cyrus Labs Inc., an online privacy solutions provider, for an undisclosed amount.

Cyrus, which was founded in 2020, provides a platform designed to protect individuals and businesses from growing cybercrime and fraud threats. The platform investigates the kill chain for consumer threats, taking into account social media, dark web content, and overall online presence to form a view of threats unique to each individual, thereby assisting to identify early warning signs that something is amiss.

Individuals can manage their credit accounts and credit scores from a single location and receive alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected. Additionally, the service provides actionable measures in the event of an attempted identity theft.

Cyrus provides in-house cybersecurity experts, account protection, device security, and credit monitoring for enterprises. The service purportedly addresses security blind spots, especially in the era of telecommuting, and reduces privacy concerns. It is designed to be simple and straightforward to install, with enrollment taking only minutes.

According to Malwarebytes, the acquisition further solidifies its dedication to privacy, empowering users with enhanced control over their data, regardless of online browsing and interactions. Additionally, the inclusion of Cyrus’s team and technology will bolster Malwarebytes’ efforts to improve its mobile privacy solutions.

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Malwarebytes, Marcin Kleczynski, said in a statement, “We firmly believe that data privacy is a human right. Hackers, trackers, location data and even browsing history are information that individuals should control. The innovative technology Cyrus has built will allow us to better advise our customers on the intersection of privacy and security while also providing us the tools to safeguard their personal data and online privacy.”

“mission to make people safer and expertise in privacy and identity protection perfectly suits the Malwarebytes mission to bring cyber protection to everyone and their formidable malware protection.” Cyrus said in a separate blog post.

While Cyrus secured funding before its acquisition, the total remains undisclosed. According to PitchBook, the company garnered USD 3.6 million in seed funding in November 2020, yet the subsequent funding rounds’ amounts were not revealed.

Cyrus has secured investments from various sources, including 1414 Ventures LLC, The Fintech Fund LP, Vesey Ventures LLC, 10X Capital LLC, and American Express Ventures Corp.