Data Theorem, a leading provider in modern application security, and Macnica Networks, a leading supplier of network equipment and security solutions, has announced their merger, which aims to provide Data Theorem’s leading Application Programming Interface (API) and application security solutions in Japan.

Extensive AppSec portfolio from Data Theorem helps to protect organizations from data breaches with application security protection for API-driven microservices, modern web frameworks, and cloud resources. Its solutions are powered by its award-winning Analyzer Engine that leverages an advanced technology, which is completely incorporated into the CI/CD process and enables organizations to perform continuous, automated security inspection and remediation. The AppSec Software Theorem portfolio secures mobile phones, cloud-driven APIs, and specialized web applications.

“We are pleased to launch Data Theorem’s award-winning application security solutions in Japan, and to be Data Theorem’s leading reseller of choice in this rapidly growing market,” said Jun Ikeda, President at Macnica Networks. “There is a huge need in Japan for Data Theorem’s solutions and great potential here, as companies are turning to modern application development for their businesses. They need continuous and automated solutions to ensure data remains safe from hackers looking to conduct full-stack application attacks.”

“We are excited to partner with Macnica to enable them to address Japanese organizations’ application and cloud security requirements with continuous, fully automated security for mobile, API, and modern web app environments,” said Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO. “This partnership is the result of our joint effort covering the past two years of work with Macnica, and will accelerate the adoption of Data Theorem for their growing customer base in Japan.”

The current situation of the market made Data Theorem name Macnica as its leading reseller in Japan. With the new alliance, Macnica will now provide its customers with Data Theorem’s leading application protection solutions and offer its experience as a security software reseller to help resolve API, mobile, web app, and cloud security concerns. Following a two-year review of potential approaches, Macnica chose Data Theorem because of its differentiators for automatic hacking, auto-remediation, and vulnerability coverage.

The new launch encouraged Macnica customers to connect more with their account representatives to get the details of the Data Theorem’s leading application security solutions.