• LogRhythm Inc., a cybersecurity intelligence business, and SentinelOne Inc., an extended detection and response platform provider, announced a collaboration to assist enterprises streamline their security operations and better understand threats.
  • LogRhythm says its corporate security platform with SentinelOne can detect, identify, and respond to threats in any computer environment.

LogRhythm Inc., a cybersecurity intelligence company, announced its partnership with SentinelOne Inc., a provider of an extended detection and response platform, on a combined offering designed to help companies streamline their security operations and gain more appropriate insights into the threats they face.

LogRhythm sells software related to security information and event management, forensics, network and endpoint monitoring, log management, and security analytics. Security teams utilize its products to unify these metrics to comprehend the security dangers they confront better and lessen their exposure.

The company’s software should be compatible with SentinelOne, which provides an XDR platform used by businesses to detect malware on their computers. The SentineOne platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect security breaches across cloud environments, employee endpoints, and connected devices. It enables security professionals to restore compromised systems to a previous, more secure state and prevent further invasions.

By working with SentinelOne, LogRhythm can deliver a comprehensive corporate security platform that can prevent, identify, and respond to attacks in any computing environment, according to the company. The integrated service is supposed to enhance threat response workflows and provide security professionals with more accurate insights into the nature of the threats they encounter.

The business noted that outdated security solutions need more context and visibility to keep up with modern cybersecurity threats’ pace, sophistication, and breadth. Enterprises must be aware of what’s occurring within their network and across all endpoints to maintain control. LogRhythm noted that this required a centralized platform for gathering log data and taking action.

The business’s security analytics now include extensive endpoint telemetry from SentinelOne, providing real-time protection from attacks. LogRhythm stated that its SmartResponse feature now utilizes SentinelOne’s application programming interface to respond automatically to harmful activities. For example, it may automatically blacklist hash values and disconnect infected workstations from the network if it encounters particular triggers indicating a breach.

According to LogRhythm, the primary benefits for users include increased visibility across their networks and systems, automatic mitigation of risks, and decreased complexity. “This partnership brings together two remarkable platforms that will provide our customers with incomparable visibility for analysts, allowing them to cut through the noise, and recognize and respond to incidents more quickly and effectively,” said Andrew Hollister, LogRhythm’s Chief Information Security Officer.

Yonnia Shelmerdine, SentinelOne’s vice president of XDR product management, said, “LogRhythm offers extensive support for, and integration across, the Singularity XDR platform, helping our customers from around the globe protect against modern cyberattacks and reduce risk.”