• Axon platform identifies and reports the data hazards and alleviates the burden of managing threats.
  • LogRhythm NDR, in conjunction with Microsoft EDR, provides improved blind spot detection.

LogRhythm Inc., a security intelligence firm, unveiled a series of updated integrations and capabilities that fuel its service to become a crucial force multiplier for security teams equipped combat cyberattacks effectively.

After the successful launch of Axon, a cloud-native security operations platform, in October, LogRhythm is now set to introduce the latest analytics and visualizations to offer coherent visibility into potential security hazards. The latest Axon simplifies the detection, investigation, and reporting of security threats and streamlines security analytics. Its miscellaneous features lessen the burden of handling risks and operational infrastructure.

Several other developments in the company’s product portfolio enable security operation center teams to spot and resolve threats efficiently and improve the analyst’s effectiveness and productivity. The advanced integrations and enhancements of LogRhythm include Axon platform, security data and event management, user entity and behavior analytics solutions, and network detection and response.

LogRhythm Axon now offers new custom and exceptional analytics regulations, such as rules for MITRE ATT and amp;CK detections. The time taken for data exploration is saved by markdown and histogram widgets. They also facilitate easy investigation of log observations with the help of Observation Workflow.

LogRhythm SIEM, with advanced administrative workflow, can collect data, reduce the configuration time, and manage and deploy the log sources that need Open Collector. The feature of advanced audit logging in LogRhythm SIEM facilitates easy tracking and monitoring of suspicious activities every time the user makes significant changes.

LogRhythm NDR integrated with Microsoft EDR offers endpoint visibility and improved blind spot detection, while LogRhythm UEBA provides Windows systems with the latest detection models to quickly investigate hard-to-detect threats.

Kish Dill, chief product and customer officer at LogRhythm, said, “This quarter, we are especially excited about the number of groundbreaking and enhanced capabilities coming to our market-leading solutions. These enhancements and integrations have been curated with the goal of simplifying the lives of security analysts and enabling them to detect threats faster through seamless visibility, enhanced collection, and an intuitive analyst experience.”