Kaseya, the Ireland-based software firm, has heightened its cybersecurity potential by acquiring Graphus, a name that offers security against a series of most sophisticated cyberattacks.

Graphus deploys the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to protect inboxes from several threats, including phishing and spear phishing, account takeover (ATO), business email compromise (BEC), identity spoofing, and theft of credentials.

The service has already been incorporated into the ID Agent Digital Risk Protection Platform acquired by Kaseya back in 2019. With this inclusion, the company’s cybersecurity offering now ranges from dark web monitoring platform Dark Web ID, cybersecurity awareness training solution BullPhish ID, and secure identity and access management solution Passly.

As per Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya, the market is exposed to a large amount of heavy-duty anti-phishing antidotes, but Graphus is well suited for the budgetary requirements of managed service providers or MSPs as it costs about half as much to a third as much.

He mentions that as part of Kaseya’s IT management platform, IT Complete, Graphus offers MSP customers a comprehensive and ready to use alternative compared to other standalone products.

The CEO also stresses on the fact that being a customer for around a year, Kaseya can speak to Graphus’ impressive capabilities first-hand.

Voccola also mentioned, as an Office 365 shop, the company was dependent on Office365’s Advanced Threat Protection; however, it wasn’t sufficient. But with Graphus in the picture, the company now protects more than 3,200 Kaseya inboxes and processes more than 22 million emails. With the power of Graphus, Kaseya also has got rid of 250,000 unsafe emails, isolated about 15,000 phishing attacks, and blocked 3,400 executive spoofing and 2,400 impersonation attacks.

What’s more?

Voccola talks about Graphus being the ninth acquisition in five years that strengthens the firm’s position as “the largest security software provider in the dedicated MSP sector worldwide.”

The CEO says Kaseya rolls more than USD 80 million recurring revenue in security.

He expresses, “We call ourselves an IT and security management company,” he adds, “You can’t be an MSP and not manage security. And the other way round: how are you a security provider if you don’t do IT? It’s all the same stuff. We’re investing very heavily there because that’s the natural extension.”

As an ending note, CEO Fred Voccola says the company is looking forward to another security acquisition sometime in October, that coincides with Kaseya’s Connect IT Europe event.

As per a recent survey, IT Glue discovered that IT security is a top priority for over 50% of MSPs since the pandemic, which has also led to a surge in cyberattacks.