By partnering with several vendors including Aruba, Juniper Network introduces a connected management platform for network security. Objective: to allow its customers a seamless integration into their information system. Network OEM Juniper Networks has announced the deployment of a security architecture that will connect and can be operated directly on the stack of products used in the client company. Called “Juniper Connected Security,” this platform is open source and must integrate with multiple vendor technologies and move away from cybersecurity products “running in a vacuum” according to the company. Automation of the enterprise network monitoring activity should move from the edge to each intermediate cloud by filtering the data that passes through it and detecting potential threats. To develop this solution, Juniper relied on the Carbon Black, Aerohive and Aruba solutions to secure the end user part.

Associations with Nutanix and Red Hat have increased Juniper’s footprint on data centers. “Information security is inseparable from day-to-day IT operations,” said Samantha Madrid, vice president of security strategy and activities at Juniper Networks, in a blog post. 18% growth in the security division “Configuring and managing the deployment of each component is inseparable from security. Effective security of today’s organizations requires multiple levels of security working together, “says Madrid. And to add that most companies, regardless of their size and technological maturity, can be multi-providers in network security.

Juniper’s security division grew 18% in its last fiscal year, ending December 31st. A positive note in a context of general decline in the network provider’s activity, which saw an 8% drop in revenues in January. The rather good state of Juniper’s security can be explained by its acquisition a year ago of the start-up Cyphort and its platform for detection, analysis and resolution of threats.