• Threat Exposure Radar provides a comprehensive view of critical exposures across the enterprise attack surface, including cloud, on-premises, software-as-a-service, and third-party systems.
  • Threat Exposure Radar includes a visual radar view and a summary table with clickable drill-downs for in-depth asset discovery and prioritization explanations.

IONIX Inc., a startup specializing in attack surface management, has recently introduced Threat Exposure Radar—a threat management feature seamlessly integrated into its comprehensive attack surface management solution.

Threat Exposure Radar (TER) delivers a consolidated overview of critical vulnerabilities across the enterprise attack surface, spanning cloud, on-premises, software-as-a-service, and third-party systems. This functionality enables security teams to visualize and prioritize numerous attack surface threats, providing specific and actionable insights with one-click workflows for swift and simplified remediation.

IONIX contends that conventional approaches to security exposure management often prove inadequate due to unrealistic, isolated, and tool-centric methodologies. Through TER, IONIX’s platform surpasses traditional attack surface management tools to deliver “continuous threat exposure management”—an advancement that offers a more comprehensive and persistent strategy for identifying threats from the attacker’s standpoint.

The capabilities of Threat Exposure Radar encompass a visual representation akin to a radar view and a concise table summary, offering clickable drill-downs for in-depth insights into asset discovery and prioritization. This feature consolidates numerous potential exposure insights, incorporating the mapping of third-party digital supply-chain assets. TER employs straightforward, color-coded indicators to emphasize critical security findings, with immediate access to clear, human-readable action items. This ensures that any team in security, DevOps, or information technology can promptly address and resolve identified issues.

The IONIX platform provides attack surface visibility with continuous discovery and assessment through the use of what it refers to as connective intelligence. The platform makes threats visible, risks ranked according to their business context, exploitability is actively verified, and threat intelligence is linked to the organization’s inventory.

Marc Gaffan, Chief Executive, said, “The IONIX Threat Exposure Radar democratizes exposure management… [enabling] every security team to identify, prioritize and validate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security posture issues. Security leaders now have a more practical approach to reducing security silos, gaining a holistic view of their attack surface and prioritizing their most critical threats.”

Formerly recognized as Cyberpion, IONIX is a startup backed by venture capital, securing a total of USD 35.25 million in funding, as reported by Startup National Central. Key investors in the company comprise Team8 Capital LLC, U.S. Venture Partners LP, and Hyperwise Ventures Inc.