During the times of Coronavirus crisis, threat actors are gaining momentum and hence crime rate related to hacking is experiencing a sharp spike. To combat this entire situation, an international group of 400 cyber experts have come together to defeat coronavirus related hacking.

As published by Reuters, the international group is known by the name “COVID -19 CTI League” and concentrates on cyber threat intelligence.

More about COVID-19 CTI League

The 400 cyber experts’ team comprises of cyber professionals in senior and important positions from over 40 countries and several tech giants that includes companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

As per Marc Rogers (one of the managers of the group), primary focus of the group is to eliminate hacks that are targeting medical facilities and other frontlines during the war against the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Apart from this, the group also has an agenda to focus on safeguarding communication networks and other services that are an essential part of everybody’s life, especially in the current crisis situation as millions of employees are working from home all around the world.

The dedicated group is also focused on eliminating a various phishing attacks associated with the crime.