Organizations of every size using the Microsoft 365 platform now have the flexibility to integrate different security tools under one service platform made available in a comprehensive data protection program.

Known for data protection services, InteliSecure confirms the launch of its Managed Data Protection Service for Microsoft 365 driven by Aperture, the primary cloud-native, a multi-tenant platform to integrate and strengthen the Microsoft 365 data protection environment.

This brand-new service empowers businesses to make optimum use of enterprise-level Microsoft licenses to experience improved data protection. InteliSecure that operates as a Microsoft Silver Partner has built a Security-as-a-Service solution to accelerate and improve enterprise-level managed data protection services.

More about the service

Aperture connects to Microsoft 365 data protection capabilities through the Graph API and supports various elements of Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP), Cloud App Security (CAS), and Data Loss Prevention.

Aperture adds to InteliSecure’s visibility quotient for better triage, response as an extension, and analysis of the clients’ security teams.

For over 17 years, the company has been involved in delivering vital data protection services for a few of the most well-known businesses in the world. The company extends its services across various industry verticals such as insurance, banking, global media, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Team InteliSecure has built and introduced Aperture to offer enterprises an integrated interface that supports faster and budget-friendly services for clients.

Steven Drew, CEO, InteliSecure, said, “Many organizations are already paying for sophisticated data protection capabilities built into their Microsoft 365 licenses; however, they lack the resources needed to successfully deploy and operate them. Our managed data protection services, powered by our Aperture platform, enable organizations to leverage their existing investment, resulting in a dramatically enhanced data protection program that satisfies increasingly complex data privacy regulations.”

The success quotient

InteliSecure has carried out beta tests for the service on a range of well-known customers. One of these names in the list is a global leader in medical research and hospital care that approximately has 30,000 users on the E5 Microsoft license.

The other enterprise is a global manufacturer that has around 3,000 employees using the Microsoft license. Even with the availability of different configurations, the beta clients are using all Aperture capabilities inclusive of Office 365, CAS, and AIP.

Jeremy Wittkop, CTO, InteliSecure, said, “InteliSecure has been running our complete support for DLP and cloud security for both organizations with great success. Both companies have given us very positive feedback about how Aperture’s reporting has provided real insight into the data trends they are experiencing. They are able to resolve specific issues faster than ever before. Both organizations have previous experience with enterprise-class DLP and CASB solutions and have been able to accomplish their core use cases when deploying Aperture to leverage their existing Microsoft technology investments.”

Aperture by InteliSecure optimizes diverse data protection abilities by Microsoft 365, with unique benefits, like the ones mentioned below:

Enhanced efficiency:

Aperture goes through various security events daily and helps teams to focus on information that matters the most. By implementing machine learning tools and InteliSecure’s seasoned teams, Aperture offers the most accurate and rapid classification of events.

Simplifies workflows:

Aperture brings together events from all Microsoft tools into a single-pane-of-glass view and offers standardized and easy-to-understand workflows. It also enables alerts and emails for various communication stages and offers custom statuses, classifications, and scalable processes.

The incident view by Aperture confirms full context with valuable details related to transactions that created security events to offers businesses clear knowledge about such events and actions needed to address them.

Effective reporting:

The Aperture interface provides enterprises with real-time and easy reports that showcase data and insights valuable to stakeholders. Additionally, the platform brings together Microsoft security tools in Aperture’s visualization and business intelligence tool for better performance.

Timely incident management:

With features such as custom classification and policies, comments, and correlations, and the effective searchable system instantly recalls and provides feedback from documented events on demand. This ability to eliminate feedback loops enables businesses to improve incident management processes and accelerate response time and communicate results.