• The integration marks a step forward in a shared commitment to providing privacy-centric data interoperability.
  • This partnership aims to deliver immediate and tangible benefits to joint customers.

InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, announced plans about a new integration with The Trade Desk, a global advertising leader. The partnership is significant and will allow advertisers to activate first-party data with identifiers, including Unified ID 2.0, in a privacy centric way. The collaboration will bring together the two companies that work for the future of privacy, security, interoperability, and open marketplaces.

With advertisers getting adjusted to their strategies to rely on first-party data, this integration will provide a combination of more targeted and long-lasting audiences, as well as the control and effectiveness of activating on the open internet through programmatic exchange – all while keeping in mind consumer privacy and security. Advertisers and agencies alike, including industry giants like Omnicom Media Group, will now be able to use InfoSum’s data clean rooms and Bunkers to activate against The Trade Desk client datasets.

“This integration intends to make advertising and data collaboration easier, more secure, faster, and more effective for InfoSum and The Trade Desk customers,” said Lauren Wetzel, InfoSum Chief Operating Officer. “As companies continue planning for a cookieless future, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and this partnership with The Trade Desk helps to create an open marketplace for advertisers in a privacy-centric way.”

“Using first-party data in decisioned media buying has become more important than ever,” said Michelle Hulst, Chief Data Officer, The Trade Desk. “As marketers realize the power and scale of their datasets, partners like InfoSum create a secure way to transact data on the open internet through Unified ID 2.0 with consumer privacy in mind. We look forward to marketers leveraging this partnership to create more effective and measurable advertising campaigns.”

“Omnicom Media Group sees this partnership between InfoSum and The Trade Desk as a positive step forward in our shared commitment to providing privacy-centric data interoperability,” said Tim Petrycki, Senior Director, Data Strategy at OMG’s Annalect data and analytics division. “Utilizing the combined power of Omnicom’s Omni ID and Unified ID 2.0, our clients gain greater performance without sacrificing control of their data. This union will enable our teams to focus on driving strategic value using more secure first-party data.”

This partnership intends to deliver immediate and tangible benefits to joint customers, including:

  • Complete first-party data protection and data security.
  • Greater control and transparency over campaign planning and execution.
  • True people-based activation at scale, even as cookies deprecate.
  • Extension of first-party data to additional devices and identifiers for activation and measurement.
  • Full interoperability with Unified ID 2.0, and all actionable IDs, across the bid stream.
  • For markets in the EU, the integration will still support first-party data activation through alternative identifiers and future identifiers.