On the initiative of the Science Club of Electronics of Mouloud-Mammeri University, the large room of the House of Culture of Tizi Ouzou hosted scientific days devoted to networks and computer security.

Led by an expert and researcher in computer science from the University of Sidi BelAbbès, in this case, Bouidjra Bachir Abderrezak, the meeting brings together students from several universities including Tizi Ouzou, Blida, Bejaia, Bouira, Boumerdes, Algiers and Djelfa. The lecturer had, among other things, explained basic concepts and transmitted fundamental notions on computer networks, while evoking certain computer vulnerabilities related to network security. In this wake, he explained that “with a network system, we have the ability to transmit data in a very fast manner but also to communicate, transfer files and work in a group.” It will even quote “the example of some companies that even use networks to send sensitive information and even classified as confidential, which is why we must ensure a minimum of network security”.

In the run-up, the speaker will add that “there are more and more attacks security vulnerabilities that consist in exploiting existing vulnerabilities to perform a denial of service attacks or silent attacks that allow authors to recover copies of files or access tapping for certain equipment. This is why security is an element and a parameter to be evaluated regularly and scrupulously in networks “. In addition, the president of the scientific club of the Mouloud-Mammeri University, organizer of the event, Amokrane Daoud, explained that this meeting is dedicated to the computer networks and missions of Cisco which is an international leader in computer networks and IT services of companies. “The two-day event, which will be moderated by an expert, aims to popularize the use of computer networks,” he said, adding that “the Scientific Club of University of Mouloud-Mammeri is a scientific club whose aim is to promote scientific research and establish a space for exchange, creativity, innovation, and reflection, as well as to ensure parallel training for students “.