Imperva has announced the acquisition of jSonar (database security start-up). The financial details are still undisclosed.

Imperva stated about the acquisition that it “will pioneer a bold new approach to securing data through all paths, including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud and Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).”

Due to the transition of traditional in-house setups and move toward modern data architectures and cloud environments, data security has become a little complicated and time-consuming for IT professionals.

Imperva will blend the firm’s data security offering, such as software for database recovery, vulnerability detection, and security controls, with the technologies developed by jSonar to ease the procedure. Imperva solutions will integrate jSonar’s analytics, Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform. Overall, jSonar is known to encourage data repository integration for on-premises and cloud environments.

The acquisition will also bring a change in management. The CTO of jSonar, Bennatan, will play Chief at Imperva’s data security business. The unit of data security will combine the product lines of both Imperva as well as jSonar. Other organizations also realized the potential of this small database security start-up. jSonar secured USD 50 million from Goldman Sachs in the first round of funding.

Bennatan shared the mission of the company in simple words. He said, “We just make good database and data repository security. Really, really simple. That’s what we do. We make security products for where data lives, but we do it in a very good way.”

“Enterprises have shifted focus from compliance to data security while demanding lower costs and more measurable benefits,” says Pam Murphy, Imperva CEO. “This combination of two uniquely qualified trailblazers will signal a new approach to data security that puts an emphasis on usability and value with sustained and complete coverage for three initiatives organizations need to implement — security, compliance, and privacy.”

About jSonar

Founded in 2013, it is a database security specialist company based in Waltham, MA and Vancouver, B.C. The co-founders are Ron Bennatan and Ury Segal, trying to build and offer an all-in-one platform that works for enterprise database security and compliance. It extends to cover any database system on any cloud from one platform. The company focuses on reducing the cost and efforts of database security as well as compliance programs.