• Cloud-based data backup and recovery provider HYCU Inc. says it is making it easier for software-as-a-service and independent software vendors to secure their clients’ data.
  • With the service, SaaS providers and ISVs can now provide consumers with safe and scalable data security as a service, according to HYCU.

HYCU Inc., a provider of cloud-based data backup and recovery-as-a-service, said that it is making it easier for software-as-a-service firms and independent software suppliers to provide data protection for their clients.

R-Cloud, which the business claims is the world’s first low-code development platform for safeguarding SaaS-based mission-critical applications, is now available. With the service, SaaS providers and ISVs can now provide consumers with safe and scalable data protection-as-a-service, according to HYCU.

HYCU is best recognized for its multi-cloud data backup and recovery platform, HYCU Protégé, which offers an alternative to traditional, appliance-based backup services. It is a far more straightforward backup solution that protects applications across numerous cloud platforms and on-premises architectures, including Nutanix-based data centers and Amazon Web Services, VMware, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud environments.

The business claims SaaS applications need a similar streamlined backup and recovery service. It claims that 99% of enterprises’ 16,000 SaaS apps don’t support backup and recovery.

HYCU claims R-Cloud helps SaaS providers and ISVs back up and restore software applications quickly. HYCU worked with several SaaS providers for more than four years to establish a means to view an enterprise’s data access and determine what is protected.

It then created a technique to restore unprotected SaaS data after a malicious attack or failure. HYCU’s R-Cloud lets SaaS companies use its data protection, orchestration, identity and access management, policy management, and more to protect their customers’ data swiftly.

R-Cloud can quickly construct and deliver a safe and verifiable data protection solution for SaaS clients, allowing them to access granular data backup and recovery with a few clicks. HYCU claimed it took SaaS businesses four quarters to establish such a service. Now it takes only four days.

A fundamental feature of HYCU’s R-Cloud is that it is low-code, making it simple for SaaS companies to construct new R-Cloud modules using a streamlined interface. They may include various valuable features in their SaaS data protection-as-a-service solutions, such as sophisticated visualization tools that enable clients to view their complete SaaS data estate and protection status. On R-Cloud-based SaaS applications, customers will have access to one-click backup, granular recovery and self-service features, such as role-based access control and the ability for SaaS administrators to safeguard and restore vital data.

Simon Taylor, founder, and CEO of HYCU, stated that just seven of the more than 16,000 SaaS applications used by businesses offer adequate data security, demonstrating that the present technique for producing SaaS backups needs to be revised.

Simon Taylor, said, “We need to rethink it. New SaaS offerings are being generated continuously, and applications are being modernized and this just exacerbates the problem for IT leader. We have rethought the way data protection is done and found a way to provide ISVs and SaaS vendors, the experts in their offering, an ability to add data protection with ease. Now they can provide granular backup and recovery in four days for their service, which would have taken at least four quarters before to develop.”

HYCU’s new service has attracted notable SaaS firms. R-Cloud initially supported Amazon RDS, Google Workspace, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Salesforce, Jira, and Microsoft 365. HYCU Protégé Marketplace will grow in the following months.

NAND Research Principal Analyst Steve McDowell said that the data protection market is one of the most substantial segments of the broader information technology market. Yet, businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting SaaS offerings like Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Jira to manage their most critical business processes without data protection.

Steve McDowell said, “This is dangerous for organizations. While SaaS serves the needs of the business, it also limits the ability of IT shops to directly protect their data. Protecting your data in a SaaS application is often opaque and cumbersome. In most cases, IT shops must trust the SaaS provider to do it for them. In other cases, they have to institute ad-hoc and often manual data protection strategies, like archiving data from Google Workspace.”

McDowell stated that he has great hopes for HYCU’s R-Cloud service, which returns data protection management to IT businesses through a fully integrated solution provided by SaaS providers.

The Protégé Marketplace gives enterprises access to a growing library of secured SaaS, database-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service applications, according to HYCU.