Huawei cybersecurity officials this week they had outlined plans that are all set to boost security in Huawei products. Huawei team has so far maintained that software development needs to be improved for the complete telecom industry rather than only of their devices. The Huawei officials have also confirmed that they are ready to meet the U.S. Cybersecurity officials to gain more insights about what the current products of Huawei lack in terms of capabilities than other telecom companies. The US government had recently claimed that the Chinese government could access data for all the Huawei devices, posing a national security threat. The US launched measures to curb the threats by completely banning U.S. companies from supplying any form of hardware or software to Huawei.

Jeff Nan, Senior expert for cybersecurity at Huawei told reporters that Huawei team would like to meet the U.S. security officials to discuss the security claims done by them. However, no such meeting has happened so far; he added that the company is willing to discuss ways to show its meeting the U.S. security standards. The company said in a statement that company created an elaborate procedure to review the security and privacy of products such as computers and smartphones, In 2013, the lab found 50 out of 224 products that could not proceed to market. In 2014 the percentage dropped to 5 percent, and in 2019 we saw the number drop to 0.1 percent.

The UK’s Huawei Cybersecurity Evaluation Center (HCSEC) in March 2019 showed that dozen of Huawei products have serious defects in software compromising the device security. Huawei responded by stating that it will take these findings seriously and is committed to eliminating them within the span of three to five years. The company added that they are determined to resolve issues with organization, processes, and training program to help its customers.