Cyber attacks are here to stay, no matter what policies you devise or firewall you install. According to research from Accenture, cybercrime could cost companies globally, around $5.2 Trillion over the course of the next five years. Enterprises have been acknowledged of the fact that they need security solutions of the highest standard to protect the complete infrastructure. While the increased spending on security solutions have brought more benefits today, the companies are completely missing out on the human factor.

Many breaches are caused because the employees clicked on certain mail or document that unleashed a phishing attack on the complete network. Business is approaching security service providers, who are increasingly looking at training solution to solve their woes.  Andrew Martin, Founder, and CEO of DynaRisk said that most of these courses have major limitations is that they are not relevant enough for the individuals taking the training. According to Martin, have a training course that engages the employees will be more beneficial and effective.

DynaRisk has built a system that is more interactive than just a training program. It combines the personal risk factors with external data and algorithms to determine the individual level of risk online and then gives them a simple course of actions to protect themselves.  According to Martin, by giving somebody, a complete score will say whether the person is doing good and bad, giving them a clear understanding of the requirement. What makes the training a mundane because the risk is still artificial, but when you give a number around that for the employees to understand you can make them understand. Another benefit to security scorecards over traditional training in that it provides real-time metrics to monitor behavioral post-training.  It will give the employees and entire business a chance to view their security preparedness depending on behavioral analytics.