The rising business demand is pushing organizations towards the cloud technology; they are following the lift and shift policy where the data is moved to the cloud to satisfy the project requirement. To manage the safe migration of the data on the cloud, enterprises require that processes are secured, compliant, and easy to implement. With over 1,200 data security professionals worldwide who recently being surveyed for 2019, Thales Data Threat Report-Global Edition tells us that protecting sensitive data is increasingly becoming a more complicated process. Out of every 10, IT security experts, 9 of them are using or will be using some of the cloud environment.  While 44 percent rate the complexity of that environment as the perceived barrier to implementing proper data security measures.

It’s imperative to test the data security and dealing with long argued that the best way to ensure data security in for enterprises that own or is responsible for the data with controlling the data security as an option. Another best practice that is followed in the security industry is encryption that gives more end to end security to complete data. Thales Security, a leading data security organization providing security and trust for data wherever the data is created, shared or stored without impacting the business agility.  Thales offers to Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) is all about encryption agility for the business. BYOE provider’s user-controlled multi-cloud data security, and portability with centralized key management.

Thales offered BYOE has succeeded because of its expansive multi and hybrid cloud support that protects the data and complies with government regulations and industry mandates.  By centralizing data security across the cloud and on-premise environment, we have also been able to assist the IT and operations teams in reducing the costs and minimizing the risk. The BYOE support extends to VMware Cloud on AWS (VCA), AWS cloudHSM, SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure, and MySQL on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).