Nearly half of the tickets raised in IT is done by the employees for password reset request. The users are usually locked out of their account or need a multifactor authentication. The Report from IDG highlights how the password reset is affecting employee productivity and access to devices. The report focused on the major frustration of IT professionals that have passwords, and along with focus on improved solutions that can completely replace the password reset system. The IDG report sponsored by MobileIron surveyed 200 IT professionals and leaders across the UK, US, New Zealand, and Australia that have worked with almost 500 employees. Almost half of the enterprises are recycling their passwords the report found, and almost 90 percent of the respondents added that they have seen security incidents result from the stolen passwords.

Passwords over the years have been a big issue with users who are guilty in the process of password change, with increased usage of passwords that can be easily guessed and using the same type of passwords for all the accounts. Such passwords issues have led to massive security breaches making IT leaders consider other ways of authentication rather than just depending on passwords. Mobile devices have been seen as the most probable solution to replacing password authentication.

The rise in mobile devices usage has made IT leaders think about replacing password-based solutions. More and more employees are using the applications and personal mobile devices to access enterprise data, and they are doing it using their network rather than an enterprise network.  Password doesn’t satisfy the growing demand; 86 percent of the security leaders said that they could replace the password authentication method if they could. More than 75 percent of the respondents added that biometric authentication through mobile devices is one of the best options for password replacement, while 88 percent leaders said that mobile devices would become digital ID for accessing business data and applications.