Google has announced a new encryption technology called as Adiantum. The new encryption solution is being designed for cheaper android devices without actually impacting the performance of the device. The current range of Android devices such as Android Go Smartphones, Smartwatches, and Android TV fall under the performance criteria required for the encryption. Using the Adiantum, Google stated that every Android device can now be encrypted, giving an encryption solution to maintain device security. Encryption is steadily becoming a vital underlying defense for security technology. With hackers and authorities, who wanted to access any of the user data without consent have to go through the process of decryption. As many of the Android device users have already expressed concern about their data safety recently, Google had decided to add more security layers to the data stored.

Adiantum is designed to encrypt the data on the android devices keeping all the documents or files stored safely. Majority of the Android devices are currently being encrypted using the AES Standard, however, the majority of the low-end devices that don’t include the processors such as ARM Cortex A7 lack the required AES hardware support. Google announced that Adiantum is five times faster than the AES encryption on the low power devices. Adiantum is set to be released with the Android Q.

The encryption is all set to speed up the Android Q processing speed but will it be available for the mid-range mobile phones is still to be seen. Google also said that the AES still the fastest encryption technique that’s available for the devices, as the hardware support still exists. Adiantum is one of the fastest encryption techniques that are available for the devices. Android is all set to provide security and data protection to all devices despite the price tag and support.  Though it will still be imperative for the device makers to decide whether they want to include the encryption technique for the device.