Google already detects suspicious activities and sends an email or Android alert about it. The problem arises when one does not take notice of it and secures one’s account. Looking at this, Big G is introducing new in-app alerts.

It is also testing a feature wherein all the apps will indicate that the account might be at risk. There is a newly designed alert that animates the area around the profile picture to hint that there is a security incident that needs to be addressed.

Add to it, the search giant will initially test this feature on a limited set of users and roll it out early and extensively during the next year. The good news is that one can check the security status of his account via voice command. All one needs to do is say, “Is my account secure?” in the Google apps, and it will show up the account’s security settings.

Meanwhile, Google Assistant is adding a Guest Mode in the coming weeks. It could be very useful for everyday purposes, such as researching a special gift or asking an embarrassing question.

Key takeaways

  • Google is going to introduce account security alerts inside the apps.
  • These alerts will warn about trouble and are very trustworthy.
  • Google Assistant will introduce a new “guest mode” anonymous searching and commands.