genua, a German IT security specialist, and Enea, a global supplier of innovative software components, broke the news of Enea Qosmos being genua’s preferred choice for embedded network traffic classification engine for its cognitix Threat Defender platform.

What is cognitix Threat Defender?

The IT sector deals with threats almost every single day. In response, the cognitix Threat Defender platform works as a groundbreaking Network Threat Detection and Response platform that makes use of the popular threat protection features of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) with protection against unknown threats, via the unique Network Traffic analysis (NTA) capabilities.

How does the Cognitix platform operate?

In order to determine unidentified threats such as new malware, zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats, the cognitix Threat Defender operates in sync and in real-time to disclose hidden behavior, patterns, and threats. Cognitix does this by connecting security and network events across time and flows, and further analyses them with the help of models of user, device, and threat behavior.

Additionally, the powerful combination of reactive and proactive capabilities and a genuinely lightweight programmable architecture make cognitix an essential element of genua’s Security Defined Network solution that deploys network segmentation and managed decentralization of rules definition and enforcement along with NTA to better cater to increasing demand for high application and data availability.

How does Enea Qosmos help genua?

Engineered to deliver maximum performance especially for IDS/IPS and NTA functions within the cognitix Threat Defender and the Security Defined Network framework, Enea Qosmos offers genua the much needed industrial-grade traffic classification and metadata engine for a complete, precise, and trustworthy L2 to L7 packet and flow data in addition to indispensable insights, along with maintaining encryption and confidentiality quotient of the transferred data.