• The new FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024, part of Fortinet’s Secure Networking solution, blend networking technologies with AI-powered security.
  • FortiAP 441K enhances load balancing and minimizes interference in network connections using advanced techniques.

Fortinet Inc., a cybersecurity company, has recently introduced an advanced Wi-Fi 7-enabled secure access point and a 10-gigabit power-over-Ethernet switch. These innovations deliver accelerated speeds and enhanced user capacity.

Wi-Fi 7 bandwidth requirements are supported by the new FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024 access points, the latter of which was purpose-built with 10-gigabit Ethernet access and 90W Power over Ethernet technology. As an integral component of the Fortinet Secure Networking solution, the new devices integrate flawlessly with AIOps and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services in order to provide enterprises with the most advanced wireless performance possible.

Wi-Fi 7, the newest generation of wireless technology, provides a significant improvement in connectivity. Compared to Wi-Fi 6, the technology offers substantial gains in speed, capacity, and efficiency. Wi-Fi 7 is perfect for places where there is a high density of wireless connections, like offices, public spaces, and smart homes because it can manage multiple devices at once.

Over the past few months, devices that support the standard have begun to become available. On January 8, at the Consumer Electronics Shows 2024, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it has started certifying devices that support the standard. According to Fortinet, enterprises are excited to use Wi-Fi 7’s increased speed and bandwidth to support wireless devices and data-intensive applications in their networks, but they are also worried about security.

The newest additions to Fortinet’s Secure Networking solution, the FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024 combine networking technologies with security driven by artificial intelligence.

Utilizing the Wi-Fi 7 Qualcomm Technologies Inc. Networking Pro 1220 Platform, the FortiAP 441K is tailored to meet the needs of contemporary enterprises with a strong emphasis on security. This device provides connection speeds up to twice as fast as its predecessors, incorporating support for the 4096 QAM modulation technique and the utilization of 320-megahertz channels. This expanded spectrum usage enhances data speeds and effectively minimizes latency.

FortiAP 441K enhances network connections by implementing advanced techniques like preamble puncturing and multilink operation, ensuring improved load balancing and minimized interference for robust and dependable connections.

The subsequent iteration, the FortiSwitch T1024, addresses the requirement for organizations to possess infrastructure capable of sustaining heightened speed and capacity demands. Incorporating Wi-Fi 7-enabled access points into its design, this 10-gigabit access switch is an indispensable element of an improved network configuration.

In tandem with the FortiAP 441K, the FortiSwitch T1024 empowers organizations to leverage the potential of Wi-Fi 7 fully. This integration guarantees accelerated speeds, increased power, and superior performance, promising a significantly enhanced user experience across diverse devices and applications.

John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Product Strategy at Fortinet said, “With today’s news, we’re putting the latest wireless technology breakthrough into the hands of customers, who can now take advantage of Wi-Fi 7’s increased throughput while keeping their wireless traffic secure and their business efficient.”

Fortinet made headlines most recently in December with the launch of integrated operational technology security solutions and services. Among the new offerings were the FortiSwitch 424F, FortiExtender 211F, and an upgraded FortiGuard OT Security service, specifically crafted to connect and safeguard operational technology environments.