Expandium, an innovative leading provider of network and telecom monitoring solutions through big data technologies, and Cervello, the leader in railway cybersecurity solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership.

Expandium stands as a pioneer and leading provider of rail telecommunication monitoring solutions amongst over 100,000 km of tracks in 25 countries. The partnership moves the rail industry with comprehensive cybersecurity and advanced predictive maintenance capabilities planned to deliver unmatched visibility and control of railway telecom and signaling systems, and moreover for an ETCS (European Train Control System), GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway), FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) and Interlocking.

The rail industry is gradually being more connected. The massive shifts to digitized control systems, over-the-air technologies, and automated operations have resulted in higher availability and increased transport efficiency. Parallelly, it is continuously on the verge of increasing the gap of network vulnerabilities and cyber threats for railway operational environments, holding today’s telecom and signaling systems susceptible to ever-growing cyber risks.

“As the market leader in rail communication network monitoring, we have a duty to provide solutions that are proof against malicious actions. We have identified Cervello as the key and game-changing cybersecurity player in the industry, able to optimally complement our successful monitoring solutions already deployed and trusted by most European railway operators and infrastructure managers,” said Pierre Cassier, CEO of Expandium. “Together, we propose a combined state-of-the-art offering, ensuring the highest level of security and reliability of railway telecom and signaling networks, and empowering rail organizations to both upgrade their operations and at the same time safeguard against cyber threats.”

“We are excited to forge this strategic partnership with Expandium, as the responsibilities and security challenges faced by rail organizations today have never been greater, and while having the threat landscape evolves – so too must company toolkits,” said Roie Onn, Co-Founder and amp; CEO of Cervello. “Seamlessly integrating between our solutions, we make rail cybersecurity much more available, accessible and efficiently scalable for companies across the industry. With Cervello’s zero-trust technology for rail signaling authentication, customers are now able to spot any suspicious or threatening activity involving their telecom, signaling and rolling stock, whether coming from legitimate sources or not and without relying on any type of security assumptions. This is a tremendous benefit that results in considerable value for the customers we serve. Together we are committed to safeguarding the railway industry and are on a mission to ensure a safer, more reliable, and sustainable railway future.”