Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments, and data protection, has declared its HyTrust CloudControl solution, which is now an Entrust business. It supports VMware Cloud Foundation that enables unified security and compliance controls across the platform, lowering operational overhead and facilitating workload agility.

With the hybrid cloud platform that manages virtual machines and orchestrates containers, VMware Cloud Foundation offers a single framework for consistent, secure infrastructure and operations across private and public clouds.

HyTrust CloudControl adds unified role-based access control, visibility, and enforcement to organizations using this product’s platform. This management layer also protects the VMware SDDC (software-designed data center) Manager, VMware Cloud Foundation’s automated deployment and orchestration solution. It also provides unified, role-based access control and better enforcement to VMware customers migrating from individual products to the VMware Cloud Foundation private cloud.

“Organizations are increasingly moving to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, and many rely on VMware Cloud Foundation to accomplish this. However, a lot of organizations struggle with achieving consistent security and compliance while not slowing down application innovation,” said Eric Chiu, Founder and President of HyTrust, an Entrust company. “We have been working with VMware to deliver a complete solution that enables organizations to protect their implementation, enable regulatory compliance, secure critical infrastructure and accelerate troubleshooting through greater visibility.”

“VMware Cloud Foundation has become the primary platform for those customers deploying hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. For many of these customers, compliance and security are key requirements,” explained Paul Turner, Vice President of Product Management, Cloud Platform Business Unit at VMware. “HyTrust security policy management solutions are complementary to VMware’s intrinsic security capabilities. HyTrust CloudControl will enable a seamless operational experience for all access management to their on-premises cloud deployments, including a unified authentication, authorization and audit control environment.”

“Security and compliance are top of mind for every organization as they shift more operations to cloud infrastructure. Many of our customers are looking for greater access control, logging and compliance, especially for their mission-critical and regulated workloads,” added James Harless, Principal Solutions Architect, Global Engineering Team at World Wide Technology. “WWT has been working with HyTrust and VMware to address these needs over the last year, and we look forward to bringing this joint solution to our customers and enabling greater VMware Cloud Foundation adoption.”

HyTrust CloudControl for VMware Cloud Foundation is beta-tested for selected customers and will be deployed in June 2021.