• EchoMark employs AI-enhanced steganography to discreetly embed a unique digital fingerprint within the content, ensuring security.
  • SecureView mitigates the risk of email attachments being indefinitely stored on devices by automatically converting them into traceable links.

A startup based in Seattle specializing in safeguarding private information, EchoMark Inc., is launching SecureView. This software-as-a-service solution utilizes forensic watermarking to prevent unauthorized disclosure of internal communications.

According to the company, SecureView prevents information leaks from difficult-to-track sources like email attachments, downloads, image captures, and untraceable emails. It enables secure sharing and viewing of sensitive documents while preventing copying, pasting, downloading, or forwarding of information.

In a recent announcement, the company stated that it has addressed the limitations of traditional information security technologies such as digital rights management, data loss prevention, and end-user monitoring. According to the company, these tools can impose restrictions that hinder legitimate use or produce false positives, unfairly targeting innocent employees and harming morale. Additionally, they become ineffective once information exits the organization.

EchoMark employs AI-enhanced steganography to securely embed an invisible, unique digital fingerprint within the content. Steganography involves concealing secret data within a seemingly ordinary, non-secret file or message to evade detection. The hidden data can be as subtle as an extra space or a punctuation mark in a different font.

This minute distinction enables the rapid identification of any document shared through various channels, including digital copies, fragments, photos of computer screens, printouts, or even if it is manually retyped. The company claims its approach is the only one that protects against analog sharing methods, such as photographing or photocopying documents.

SecureView mitigates the risk of email attachments being stored indefinitely on devices by converting them into trackable links—analytics track document access and usage, aiding forensic investigations and supplying usage data to the publisher.

SecureView is accessible via the EchoMark.com website and can be quickly deployed across an organization. It features customizable policies and integrates with platforms such as Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange, Google LLC’s Gmail, and others.

Founded in 2022, EchoMark has secured USD 10 million in funding, as reported by a trusted source.