• Darktrace announced a launch of a new family of AI products known as Darktrace PREVENT to automatically identify an enterprise’s important assets and vulnerabilities and mitigate them.
  • The tools introduced under Darktrace PREVENT are PREVENT/ASM (attack surface management) and PREVENT/E2E (end-to-end).

Automating investigative tasks and alert triaging allows security teams to spot potential threats more quickly. More and more security teams are resorting to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to accomplish this goal. During the course of the pandemic, there has been a steady rise in the number of data breaches. In fact, the true reason for most businesses’ security and data breaches is that the security team is unable to keep up with the pace of current threat actors using manual work alone.

IBM reports that 64% of enterprises have already adopted AI to improve their security capabilities.

Darktrace announced the debut of a new family of AI products known as Darktrace PREVENT. These products are linked and employ AI to “think like an attacker” to identify an enterprise’s important assets and vulnerabilities automatically. Darktrace PREVENT was developed to improve the company’s already impressive security AI capabilities.

One of the new products, PREVENT/E2E (end-to-end), helps businesses identify and mitigate the cyber risks that are present in the environment. It provides them with attack path modeling, automated penetration testing, breach and attack emulation, security awareness testing and training, and vulnerability prioritization.

PREVENT/ASM (attack surface management) is another product that uses AI to perform reconnaissance on a named target to increase transparency overshadow IT, the software supply chain, and configuration errors.

Security AI threat landscape

The introduction of Darktrace PREVENT comes at a time when more businesses are finding it difficult to keep up with the rapidly expanding attack surface. According to research conducted by the company, the number of high-priority security incidents that occurred across its customer base increased by 49% between January and June 2022.

Organizations can proactively test their defenses from the perspective of an attacker and uncover vulnerabilities using AI before an attacker has an opportunity to exploit them. This is possible because AI can assume the perspective of an attacker. A security team can make major changes to the organization’s overall security posture quickly by continuously mitigating the most serious vulnerabilities.

Security AI market

Researchers anticipate that the cybersecurity AI industry will increase from a value of USD 8.8 billion in 2019 to USD 38.2 billion by 2026, which coincides with the debut of PREVENT, which comes at a time when the market is in the process of expanding.

With more than 1,600 people and, according to reports, USD 343 million in annual recurring revenue in 2021, Darktrace is widely regarded as one of the most significant suppliers currently operating in the industry.

Crowdstrike, which provides artificial intelligence that is referred to as ExPRT AI, is one of the primary competitors of Darktrace.

ExPRT AI leverages threat intelligence data and real-time monitoring to rate vulnerabilities for security experts. Crowdstrike raised USD 431 million in Q2 of 4Q2022.

SentinelOne, which provides an XDR and AI endpoint security platform, employs both static and behavioral AI and reported sales of USD 65.6 million for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022, is another significant competitor.