• Cyolo PRO aims to redefine secure remote access by transitioning from access management to operations management.
  • The new solution offers VPN-less connectivity, eliminating network access risks while following zero-trust principles.

Cyolo Ltd. has unveiled Cyolo PRO, a solution dedicated to remote privileged access management. This new hybrid secure remote access solution for operational technology is designed to facilitate secure privileged remote operations, ensuring the safe execution of tasks by authorized users.

Cyolo PRO aims to redefine secure remote access by transitioning from access management to operations management. This innovative solution simplifies access procedures, offering a hybrid, infrastructure-agnostic approach with minimal change costs. The company emphasizes that this approach aligns with the fundamental principles of remote privileged access management.

In response to the growing complexity and security concerns surrounding secure remote access in OT environments, the solution was developed. The objective was to provide organizations with the means to conduct productive, secure, and safe remote operations, even in the most mission-critical environments.

Almog Apirion, Co-founder and Chief Executive said, “As OT environments change, Cyolo PRO offers a comprehensive set of capabilities tailored to the unique, dynamic needs of organizations operating within these ecosystems. This solution empowers organizations to seamlessly handle remote operations in their core units without compromising productivity or security.”

By implementing virtual private network-less connectivity—that is, connectivity that does not necessitate the use of a VPN for remote access—the new solution adheres to zero-trust principles and eliminates risks associated with network access. Enhanced security measures are achieved even in the absence of VPN usage, as the solution ensures robust identity authentication by verifying the identity of the accessing entity rather than the user, this also applies to legacy applications.

Cyolo PRO provides users with detailed control over access and actions management, adhering to the “least privilege” principles. This approach offers organizations a flexible and secure framework. Additionally, the service offers extensive supervision features and just-in-time access, providing organizations with significant monitoring and management capabilities for remote access.

Together, these capabilities enable organizations to ensure secure access for both internal and third-party users, whether operating online or offline and in hybrid, on-premises, or cloud environments. Cyolo PRO is currently available for enterprises in pivotal sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and transportation.

Cyolo, a startup backed by venture capital, has secured USD 85.2 million in funding, as reported by Tracxn. Notable investors in the company include National Grid Partners Inc., Glilot Capital Partners LLC, Flint Capital LLC, Differential Ventures Inc., and Merlin Ventures LLC.