CyberCX, a group of security companies governed by two of Australia’s most experienced technology and cyber veterans, is continuing on the path of expansion as it acquires a pair of local cybersecurity firms from ASX-listed Vortiv Limited for AUD 25 million.

The two companies (the pair) Decipher Works and CloudTen will move forward to join cybersecurity megamix, subject to regulatory approvals and shareholders. CyberCX claimed that the two companies would provide solutions across various sectors, including government, education, finance, manufacturing, and services sectors.

“We are committed to delivering the market-leading cloud security and identity security capability,” CyberCX CEO John Paitaridis said.

“Decipher Works and CloudTen bring expertise and synergies that complement our mature cybersecurity capabilities and which will deepen CyberCX’s identity and cloud security expertise.”

Since the company is backed by a private equity firm BGH Capital, it brought together 12 of Australia’s Independent Cybersecurity brands, namely Alcorn, Assurance, Sense of Security, Enosys, Klein and amp; Co., and TSS.

The leading position is of Alastair MacGibbon, former head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre and once special adviser on cybersecurity to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Paitaridis, former Managing Director of Optus Business.

The acquired companies Decipher Works and CloudTen join the growing list of companies falling under CyberCX. In the list are Melbourne-based start-ups, Basis Networks, and Identity Solutions being scooped up in July. And just a month later, i.e., in August, CyberCX moved into the New Zealand market. It was about adding its Kiwi acquisition in Insomnia Security.

Overall, the company has a workforce of 600 cybersecurity professionals and marks a footprint of over 20 offices in New Zealand and Australia.