• The company’s platform uses extensive threat data collected over the years for detection and response.
  • Netcraft ensures transparency by providing evidence for verified attacks and real-time updates on active takedowns.

Netcraft Ltd., a company that detects cybercrime, has raised USD 100 million in new funding to fuel growth, expand globally, and speed up its mission to detect and disrupt cybercrime at scale to make the online experience safer.

Established in 1995, Netcraft provides cybercrime countermeasures and disruption services that automatically allow a business to stop or disrupt cybercrime online. According to the industry, it has grown to be the biggest provider of takedowns, which are provided as a subscription service to businesses, governments, and financial institutions.

The company uses extensive data gathered over years of threat data collection in its threat detection and response platform. Customers and the larger online community gain from the platform’s real-time threat identification and validation, which is made possible by the data. Many top browsers and antivirus software providers utilize Netcraft’s intelligence feeds.

Netcraft has strong connections with hosting providers, DNS service providers, registrars, and ISPs that it uses to stop cybercriminals. It is claimed that the relationship, when combined with sophisticated threat classification, has produced a consistent track record of prompt and effective threat responses. According to Netcraft, their understanding of the internet infrastructure and the patterns of previous attacks have allowed them to stop malicious activities in their tracks quickly.

To guarantee visibility and transparency, Netcraft provides proof of every verified attack and ensures that customers are kept informed in real time about the development and status of all ongoing takedowns. Customers can report through the Netcraft portal or an API that connects to internal systems.

The round was led by Spectrum Equity Management L.P. Along with the funding news, Netcraft also revealed the appointment of Ryan Woodley as its new Chief Executive. Previously, Woodly served as CEO of Progressive Leasing, a financial technology company with which he grew to a revenue of USD 2.5 billion and went public. He previously held executive positions at DigiCert Inc., a digital certificate authority.

Managing Director of Spectrum Equity, Parag Khandelwal, said in a statement “Its scale is a testament to its effectiveness – Netcraft has blocked more than 173 million malicious attacks and takes down more than 15 million cyber attacks each year. Netcraft takes down roughly one-third of all global phishing attacks on behalf of its customers.”