Organizations across the world are focusing on cybersecurity. They are looking for better software and hardware that promises to protect their organizations against any kind of external attacks. It’s important that organizations have a cyber-security system in place to shield it from attacks, but what about attacks initiated from inside. Most security glitch occurs due to human error directly or indirectly. Many organizations have reported that three-fourths of all data breach occur due to human element negligence.

Organizations are now working round the clock resulting in the access of data from different locations, using different types of devices. This makes security more challenging for organizations to have multiple security layers to protect the data, and also the user. According to the recent data from Phish Me, 91 percent of cyber-attacks have happened due to a phishing email.

Set Procedure and Educate

Assessing the current state of cyber posture and calculating the risk levels will help to map the important data. Mapping of data will help to implement different procedure and focus on protecting the important data.  Setting up regulations and compliance for each employee will help you to determine the layers of security needed in order to avoid a breach.   Educating and training employees is also important to raise awareness regarding different types of attacks and the benefits of following cybersecurity procedure.