• AI card maps the National Institute of Standards and Technology AI Risk Management Framework and the European Union AI Act.
  • A bird’s-eye view of supply chain compliance and security for artificial intelligence is provided by AI card.

Cranium.ai Corp., a provider of security and trust software for artificial intelligence, has recently announced the release of Cranium AI Card, a tool made to make it easier for businesses to collect and share data on the reliability and compliance of their AI models.

AI Card aims to address concerns about regulatory compliance, security, and trustworthiness of AI models. Organizations can visualize and track the risk profiles of their AI applications using the tool’s transparent and user-friendly interface across the entire supply chain.

The tool illustrates potential threats and vulnerabilities while enabling real-time updates and tailored security benchmarks for each provider. As a result, the tool offers a bird’s-eye view of AI security and compliance throughout supply chains. It allows users to establish unique security benchmarks and monitoring for each vendor in accordance with their individual business and compliance needs.

AI Card puts regulatory compliance front and center by ensuring organizations comply with existing and upcoming compliance requirements. The European Union AI Act and the National Institute of Standards and Technology AI Risk Management Framework are mapped legislation and framework examples. According to Cranium, the capability guarantees that businesses utilizing AI are constantly one step ahead in understanding and fulfilling their AI compliance obligations.

The ability of AI Card to demonstrate that an organization’s AI is reliable and secure is another important feature. In a time when cybersecurity threats are widespread and regulatory scrutiny is increasing, it is alleged that the capacity to do is essential for fostering stakeholder and client confidence. The time and effort typically needed can be greatly reduced by automatically collecting and entering compliance data from platform-built data.

Jonathan Dambrot, Co-founder and Chief Executive, said ahead of the release, “This market is moving quickly and enterprises are concerned about regulatory compliance pressures. There’s a risk here that the AI Card was designed to address.”

Dambrot also said, “with the advent of ChatGPT has come a newfound awareness within organizations of all sizes that they don’t know where their organizations are using AI, where their vendors are using AI, and whether the AI being used is trustworthy. That’s why we introduced the Cranium AI Card.”

The last time Cranium made headlines was in April, when it separated from KPMG Studio and raised venture capital from SYN Ventures Management LP. The business is the first startup to emerge from KPMG Studio, the technological incubator of KPMG International Ltd.