Highlights –

  • CommandK takes a step forward in helping companies achieve higher grade security standards with its products.
  • The software brings option of taking backups and rotations to remain secure and central dashboard brings tools to handle most critical attacks.

CommandK Inc., a startup in enterprise security, recently disclosed that it has raised three million dollars in new funding to help businesses meet higher security standards with little to no change management on their part.

Several angel investors joined the round, which was led by Lightspeed Ventures Partners LLC.

Since its founding in 2022, CommandK has been developing solutions that let companies achieve quickest shipping feature velocity while maintaining the highest level of security for critical data across its entire lifecycle.

With the infrastructure-as-a-service solution from CommandK, businesses can manage storage, consumption, and control access. Users can automate backups and rotation for constant security, and a central dashboard shows the proliferation of tools and secrets so that the most critical attack routes can be fixed.

The company’s integrated security measures include the capacity to source-anonymize personally identifiable information and implement authorization-based access to plaintext data. The service can be used by government risk compliance teams to identify and prevent data-breach attack vectors.

With the ability to evaluate and fix any sensitive data that has been disclosed, CommandK searches common tools to find any sensitive information supplied in plaintext. The platform verifies sensitive data in accordance with a number of legal and compliance requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Service Organization Control 2, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The co-founder and CEO of CommandK, Jayesh Sidhwani, stated in a statement that “Large web-scale companies have resources to build internal tools that allow developers to build secure products; however, these tools need constant upgrades in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Unless the companies have a dedicated team to focus on this problem, the company’s overall security posture keeps falling behind.”

The startup claims that it is already collaborating with businesses to address their security concerns and that CommandK is presently undergoing private beta testing.

Robin Vasan, (founder of MangoCapital Inc. and a board member of HashiCorp Inc., Couchbase Inc., and InfluxData Inc.), Sundeep Peechu (general partner at Felicis Ventures LLC), Jon Gelsey, (former CEO of Auth0 Inc.), Pratyus Patnaik, (senior director at Okta Inc.), Akash Saxena, (former chief technology officer of Disney ), Abinash Tripathy (former CEO of Helpshift Inc.), and Allln Capital LLC are among the new angel investors in the company.