• Xcloud delivers brilliant ease of use and unmatched, deep visibility into the cloud.
  • Customers can directly access Xcloud from AWS Marketplace.

ColorTokens Inc., a leader in autonomous Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions, announced the launch of its new product, Xcloud. The solution is built on agentless, automated, and deep scanning technology to locate the most elusive threats across cloud and container environments faster and without any disturbance.

Xcloud successfully integrates vulnerability management, malware detection, and compliance monitoring in a single platform and, thus, saves time, resources, and cost. Through the AWS Marketplace, customers all over the world can directly gain access to Xcloud. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors, making it convenient to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Enterprises today are running on cloud technologies at a hyper-scale. Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Cloud Security, 2021, stated: “By 2023, 70% of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services, up from 40% in 2020. By 2025, more than 99% of cloud breaches will have a root cause of preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by end-users.”

Enterprises need simple, fast, agentless, and autonomous tools to handle the unique challenges of cloud security – shortages of skilled staff, limited or no visibility, tools not designed for the cloud, and the inability to control cloud security.

“In today’s cloud era, it is widely embraced that cloud environments require agentless tools. But current tools for cloud security follow a fragmented approach, and these siloed point security tools cannot deliver end-to-end visibility on the comprehensive security posture of the enterprise business,” said Rajesh Khazanchi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ColorTokens. “ColorTokens now uniquely solves enterprise cloud security challenges, combining Xcloud with our comprehensive platform to bring unparalleled risk visibility, essential insights, and automation into the risks that threaten cloud and container environments.”

As there’s nothing to install, deploy, or configure, Xcloud keeps you secure automatically.  The new tool helps security teams to find and fix the biggest risks in their cloud in unique ways:

  • Uncover more critical risks: Xcloud’s ShadowScan feature digs deep into workloads and containers at the OS level to find vulnerabilities and risky configuration issues that are often missed. ShadowScan creates and scans a complete replica of workloads to remove disruptions, downtime, and impact on applications.
  • Prevent supply chain attacks: Xcloud’s ChainScan detects hidden vulnerabilities in important application libraries and scans container and cloud workloads for all software dependencies. This enables businesses to identify the dangers brought by third-party packages across their whole application software supply chain.
  • Detect the latest threats:Xcloud monitors the most recent vulnerabilities and malware from various threat intelligence and vulnerability sources. Every security scan of environments employs a real-time database to identify the most recent risks, allowing businesses to discover and remediate new threats continuously.

“When compared to the two other leading solutions in the cloud security market, ColorTokens’ Xcloud uniquely delivers brilliant ease of use and unmatched, deep visibility into the cloud,” said Harish Akali, CTO of ColorTokens.

Ravi Pattabhi, VP of cloud security at ColorTokens, adds, “As a result of Xcloud’s automated, agentless, customer-obsessed approach, combined with its availability in AWS Marketplace, Xcloud delivers instantaneous onboarding and results and without any disruption.”