• The enhanced Cohesity-IBM partnership targets data breaches, integrating Cohesity features into IBM’s Storage Defender platform.
  • IBM Storage Defender leverages AI and event monitoring across various storage platforms to safeguard the organizational data layer against threats such as ransomware, human error, and sabotage.

Data management company Cohesity Inc. recently revealed an expansion of its partnership with International Business Machines Corp., including additional funding. This move is intended to speed up the development of crucial cyber resilience features across hybrid cloud settings.

In conjunction with their enhanced partnership, Cohesity disclosed the completion of its Series F venture capital funding round, which saw participation from IBM and Nvidia Corp. Although the specific investment amount was not revealed in the press release, it said that Cohesity secured USD 150M from IBM and Nvidia. This latest round brings Cohesity’s total raised funds to USD 805 million.

The strengthened collaboration between Cohesity and IBM aims to address data breaches. IBM will integrate Cohesity’s capabilities into IBM Storage Defender, the company’s platform for cyber resilience.

Cohesity’s partnership with IBM integrates Cohesity DataProtect into IBM’s Storage Defender, enhancing the ability of joint customers to protect, monitor, manage, and recover their data. DataProtect provides a secure backup and recovery solution engineered to defend against advanced cyberthreats. Additionally, the service delivers thorough policy-based protection for diverse data sources, including cloud-native, software-as-a-service, and traditional environments. It consolidates several point products into a unified multicloud platform that can be deployed on-premises or consumed as a service.

“Data breaches continue to be one of the biggest threats organizations face to advancing business outcomes. We’re excited to deepen our collaboration with Cohesity to bring clients innovative end-to-end software-defined solutions designed to increase their cyber resilience and help avoid business interruptions,” Ric Lewis, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure at IBM, mentioned in a statement.

IBM Storage Defender employs AI and event monitoring across various storage platforms to safeguard the organizational data layer from threats such as ransomware, human error, and sabotage. Additionally, IBM Storage Defender is set to include a cyber vault and clean room capabilities with automated recovery functions soon. These features are designed to enable companies to restore business-critical data in hours or minutes, a process that previously could take days.

“IBM is a powerful partner in the enterprise cloud and IT infrastructure market. They bring decades of expertise to our relationship, in addition to their investment in our business to help fund incremental research and development to offer customers even stronger cyber resilience,” Sanjay Poonen, Chief Executive of Cohesity, made a statement prior to the announcement.