Cofense, Virginia-based phishing detection and response (PDR) solutions company, has recently announced the acquisition of Cyberfish, an Israeli-based cybersecurity company and a phishing protection services provider powered by advanced Machine Learning (ML).

Merging Cyberfish’s innovative machine learning capabilities and Cofense’s detection and response technology helps the company “bring to market a holistic, advanced automation solution for email protection, detection, and response,” expressed team Cofense in a company announcement.

The collaboration stated no further details of the deal.

Established in 2008, Cofense works to provide phishing detection and response solutions for enterprise organizations. The company states its Cofense Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform allows a global network of over 26 million people to actively report suspected phishing attacks, together with advanced automation to stop phishing attacks faster and stay ahead of breaches.

Established in 2017, Cyberfish works as a zero-second phishing protection solution that merges computer vision with artificial intelligence (AI) to stop phishing emails and websites in real-time. It is a Beersheba-based startup founded by Dima Kagan, Eugene Geht, and Amit Israel and strongly supported by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP).

“Together, Cofense and Cyberfish will offer a one-stop-shop for an organization’s email security needs, eliminating the need for many expensive and slow-to-deploy legacy solutions,” said Rohyt Belani, Cofense CEO and Co-founder, in a statement. “With organizations increasingly working to consolidate technology vendors, we are laying the groundwork to support our customers in this endeavor and maintain the high quality they expect in whatever solutions they adopt. This includes our ongoing commitment to the MSP ecosystem Cyberfish has developed. Disrupting the email security market is in Cofense’s DNA, and we look forward to advancing phishing detection and response capabilities for more organizations and MSPs in 2021.”

Dima Kagan, Co-founder and CEO at Cyberfish, said the company was “excited to join forces with Cofense to solve the phishing problem and take email security to another level.”

“As we met with the team, it quickly became obvious that we share the same vision for how to revolutionize the email security market, which includes addressing the business requirements of MSPs and enterprises offering advanced email protection beyond Microsoft and Google. We look forward to working together to bring that vision to reality through Advanced AI and automation capabilities,” he added.