• Cofense’s new product Cofense Protect provides a fully automated and complete email security solution to address the issues faced by mid-scale companies.
  • Cofense Protect leverages numerous techniques of machine learning to evolve in response to new threat vectors continuously.

Cofense Inc., a phishing detection and response solutions company, recently announced that its new product, Cofense Protect brings automated email security solutions for mid-scale companies.

The new product is designed by eyeing the growing issues mid-market organizations face, such as email threats and cyberattack surfaces. Simultaneously, it makes them budget and resource-constrained. Cofense contends that due to these challenges, organizations lack the resources necessary to quickly recognize and address cyber-attacks, as these issues are threatening their business continuously.

Cofense Protect provides an all-in-one email security solution that safeguards midscale companies from email attacks like business email compromise and malware. The service unites security awareness training, email threat protection, and realistic phishing simulations into an automated and unified platform. It can be configured in just a few minutes and runs with the least ongoing management.

Machine learning techniques leveraged by this service help to evolve constantly and effectively in response to new threat vectors. Cofense Protect utilizes data from Cofense Intelligence, a committed team of threat intelligence specialists. This committed team investigates and examines real-time threats from Cofense Phishing Defense Center and more than 35 million global human reporters. The combination allows Cofense Protect to find and stop advanced email threats that are missed by traditional security solutions.

Chief executive officer and co-founder of Cofense, Rohyt Belani said in a statement “The mid-size market is facing an increasingly unique challenge with cybersecurity that will only grow more complicated as economic uncertainty continues to loom. These organizations will see fewer resources and tighter security budgets in corporate settings, resulting in subpar security posture and increased activity from threat actors.”

Besides the launch of Cofense Protect , the company delightedly announced that it had seen a “momentous year of growth” in 2022. A service, Cofense Vision, empowers companies automatically identify and auto quarantine emails in a few minutes. It saw year-on-year 40% growth in customer adoption resulting in double-digit year-on-year growth in gross global sales.

The company also auto-quarantined and removed a record number of threats last year. Cofense Intelligence identified 595% more phishing campaigns and found 569% more malicious phishing emails inside the inboxes of enterprises than the year before. The business also saw a 478% increase in the number of credential phishing-related Active Threat Reports published.