• Cloudflare, Inc., a content delivery network provider, recently added generative artificial intelligence to its Cloudflare One platform to allow businesses to leverage the latest AI capabilities without risking intellectual property and consumer data.
  • Cloudflare One for AI offers zero-trust security controls to make building with the latest generative AI technologies simple, fast, and safe for enterprises.

Cloudflare, Inc., a content delivery network provider, announced recently that it has expanded its Cloudflare One platform to include generative artificial intelligence to enable businesses to use the most advanced AI tools without placing intellectual property and customer data at risk.

Cloudflare One for AI provides a suite of zero-trust security controls that are intended to provide a simple, quick, and secure method for businesses to build with the most recent generative AI technologies. According to the company, the service enables businesses to gain visibility into and measure AI tool usage, prevent data loss, and administer integrations.

In April, employees of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. accidentally disclosed trade secrets via OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT. The service is being marketed as a solution to the growing concern among major corporations regarding the risk of AI-related data breaches. Cloudflare contends that although the concerns are legitimate, AI cannot be avoided, and businesses must establish a balance between enabling transformative innovation through AI and adhering to data privacy regulations.

With Cloudflare One, companies can measure and get visibility into the usage of AI tools to reduce data loss and manage integrations. Cloudflare Gateway enables businesses to monitor the number of employees experimenting with AI services and provides context for budgeting and enterprise licensing.

Cloudflare One for AI features service tokens that offer a record of API requests, control over which services can access the AI training data, and have the capability to revoke tokens with one click.

Another service, Cloudflare Tunnel, ensures that every request is compared to the configured access rules for services protected by Cloudflare One or when teams are ready to permit an AI service to connect to their infrastructure.

Cloudflare’s Data Loss Prevention can now scan and monitor employees when they use AI to search for data that resembles Social Security or credit card numbers. Personalized scans can search for patterns based on the data configurations of a particular team.

Matthew Prince, Co-founder, and Chief Executive, said, “AI holds incredible promise, but without proper guardrails, it can create significant risks for businesses. It is far too easy, by default, to upload sensitive internal or customer data to AI tools.”

He further said, “Cloudflare’s zero-trust products are the first to provide the guard rails for AI tools, so businesses can take advantage of the opportunity AI unlocks while ensuring only the data you want to expose gets shared.”