Software giant Citrix Systems recently forced a password reset for many of its users. The password reset was particularly for ShareFile a content collaboration service, also warning its users that this could be done on the regular basis. This was in the response of a recent attack of password-guessing to target the people who reuse the same type of passwords across multiple platforms. Many ShareFile users are also interpreting this as the cover-up for the breach at Citrix and/or ShareFile. The company has however maintained a status quo on the situation denying all the allegations.

After reaching out to the ShareFile many users questioned whether the password reset was in response to the recent intrusion that occurred at Citrix or ShareFile. The response from the company, however, remained the same stating that no such thing has happened. Citrix has also shared that the users can use many options when locking down the accounts. A multi-factor authentication that generates on-time code through text message and also a one-time password generated for the authenticator from Google and Microsoft apps.

ShareFile users who received the password reset notice can avoid the next round of password resets by adopting the two-step authentication process. If you’re a person that re-uses passwords, then the user can adopt password manager. It helps to pick and remember strong passwords/ phrases letting you use the same password across the web.