Highlights –

  • Cinder claims that experts in trust and safety can evaluate the data without having to create SQL queries.
  • According to the startup, its platform can simplify some labor work for training artificial intelligence models to automatically identify hazardous content.

Cinder emerged from stealth mode with a software platform that helps trust and safety teams to work with more efficiency.

After its launch, Cinder also announced that it raised USD 4 million dollars in seed funding and a USD 10 million Series A round. Accel has led both the investments.

Organizations like social media corporations have specific trust and safety teams to combat harmful content on their platforms. Cinder claims that trust and safety teams frequently work with a variety of software tools to complete their tasks. Additionally, using some of those tools necessitates having specialist knowledge, such as understanding the SQL query language.

Cinder has created a software platform that will make it easier for trust and safety teams to work effectively. The startup claims its platform unifies all the information trust and safety professionals need to make content moderation choices into a single interface. Companies may select which users and how they can access specific subsets of the data owing to the built-in security controls.

The Cinder platform can handle several data kinds. It is capable of ingesting user-generated content, metadata that offers technical context about the information gathered from external sources. According to Cinder, trust and safety specialists may assess the data without having to write SQL queries.

It also offers additional capabilities to simplify trust and safety teams’ work. The startup has included a tool on its platform that allows teams to manage content moderation guidelines. Cinder also provides analytics tools that let businesses assess the success of their trust and safety initiatives.

According to Cinder, its platform eliminates the need for trust and safety teams to employ various software tools in their job regularly. The outcome, according to the startup, is a productivity improvement. Businesses can address harmful information more quickly if trust and safety teams are given the tools to work more productively.

The business claims that its platform also makes a variety of related jobs easier. According to the startup, its platform can simplify some of the labor work involved for training artificial intelligence models to automatically identify hazardous content.

Cinder Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Glen Wise has said, “The problem is Trust and Safety teams remain under-resourced, and most companies lack the proper tools to manage the complexity of any given Internet abuse case and investigation at scale. Cinder fills that gap by providing teams with an end-to-end platform for centralizing operational data, streamlining decision-making, measuring impact and promoting transparency.”

Cinder was created in January by Wise, the Chief Operating Officer Phil Brennan, and the Director of Engineering Brian Fishman. The startup’s founders formerly worked at Meta Platforms Inc. in cybersecurity and trust and safety positions. Reports say that a number of businesses have adopted the Cinder’s platform.