• com’s Identity Verification tackles fraud with AI-backed video streaming at 25 frames/sec and 1,000 images/flow.
  • com Identity Verification offers the convenience of being compatible with any internet-connected device.

Checkout.com Inc., a provider of payment processing services, recently unveiled its first product aimed at streamlining the customer onboarding and identity verification procedure.

Checkout.com’s new Identity Verification service utilizes generative AI trained on extensive identity and facial recognition documents. The solution makes use of a comprehensive list of identification documents from 195 nations, allowing the Identity Verification service to confirm the identity of almost all people on the planet. Over 10 million identities had been verified, and over 1 million fraudulent identities had been found by Checkout.com’s Identity Verification before the launch.

Identity fraud is a well-known issue that Checkout.com’s Identity Verification service aims to solve. Identity fraud continues to evolve as deep fakes and fraudulent documents become more sophisticated. Checkout.com states that traditional single-frame photos frequently fail due to subpar image quality or outdated fraud detection methods.

Checkout.com Identity Verification uses 1,000 images per flow of 25 frames per second of AI-supported video streaming to combat identity fraud. Users can use the video mode on their mobile devices to display an identity document and their face.

The service uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users along the way, providing real-time feedback on proving document authenticity and improving facial recognition to thwart fraud. The AI used in Checkout.com can also detect fake passports, licenses, and other invalid documents.

Chief Product Officer at Checkout.com, Meron Colbeci, explained before the product’s launch, “Legacy systems requiring an appointment with a human being or limited to certain days a week are not conducive to the long-term growth of the digital economy. By utilizing AI and algorithms trained on billions of data points alongside a video stream that simply requires an internet connection, we can now verify identity documents to facilitate customer onboarding and comply with [know your customer] requirements quickly and accurately.”

The fact that Checkout.com Identity Verification works with any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for particular apps or software, is an intriguing service feature. Users can customize the interface with their businesses’ logos and branding in about two minutes, and they can verify their identity at any time and from anywhere.

Checkout.com’s Identity Verification solution supports over 3,000 identity documents, effectively verifying genuine identities per the company’s claims. The AI can evaluate transparency and opacity by watching the movement of the identity document in the video and detect holograms and color changes frequently present in actual documents. Simple face movements made by users are analyzed by AI to spot potential deep fakes or fraudulent identity documents.